Park Hyung Sik Shares The Original Selfie BTS V Had Photoshopped Into Their Recent Trip Without Him


Park Hyung Sik has assured fans he’s alive and well!

On August 31st, Park Hyung Sik uploaded two photos to his instagram account. The first one was a selfie in front of a lake and the second one was with his face photoshopped into BTS V, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik and Peakboy recent yacht vacation.

BTS V had previously uploaded photos of his recent trip with his close friends and since Park Hyung Sik couldn’t be there, V nicely photoshopped his face into one of the pictures.

In the hashtags of the photos Park Hyung Sik posted, he told his fans that he’s letting them know he’s alive and well, ‘I am grateful to be alive.’

Park Hyung Sik is currently serving the military as an active duty soldier and is set to be discharged in early 2021.

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