Roy Kim To Return To South Korea To Go Through Police Questioning


Following his agency initial response, Stone Music Entertainment has returned with a second official response after it was reported that he was part of Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms.

On April 3rd, his agency told news outlets,

“Roy Kim will return home as soon as possible to receive questioning.”

His agency says that he’s currently studying in the U.S and will rearrange his schedule to return to Korea as soon as possible. The agency added he will participate in the questioning diligently.

On April 2nd, it was reported that singer Roy Kim was a part of Jung Joon Young chatrooms specifically in a chatroom including Jung Joon Young and others.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency told news outlets that whether he’ll be booked or not will depend on the results of his questioning.

Singer Roy Kim is known for being close to Jung Joon Young, they have previously showcased their close friendship through various variety show appearances.

The public had initially thought Roy Kim might have been in the chatrooms of Jung Joon Young, however, up until last night, fans were actually happy to believe that he wasn’t part of it.

Roy Kim is being heavily criticized by netizens after finding out he was, in fact, part of the controversy.

So far, it is unknown whether he only watched those videos or if there is more. Police questioning will determine his level of involvement.

Stay tuned for updates!

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    • What don’t you believe? It sounds like there is a lot of evidence that several women were filmed without their consent and then the videos/pictures were shared amongst friends in a chatroom.


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