2018 MMA Issues An Apology About Actress’s Son Sitting In Idols’ Designated Area During The Show

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Actress Son Tae Young has been on the receiving end of criticism for alleged preferential treatment of her son and niece who were spotted sitting in the designated idol area during the show.

In response, her agency initially released a statement clarifying that her son was only seated there by the staff for a short period of time to watch his mother deliver an award then left soon after.

However, netizens found fancams of the event that proves the son and niece were sitting in the designated idol area.

Multiple angles from many fan cams shows two little kids that were seated alongside other idols while BTS were performing.

This makes the statement the agency released earlier contradictory of what the fan cams actually saw.

In response to the backlash, 2018 MMA released an official statement on December 3.

In their statement, they apologized for the incident. According to Sports DongA, the agency clarified,

“An unfortunate incident occurred because the site was not properly controlled.

We express our sincere apologizes to the artists and fans in attendance.”

They wrapped their statement promising this incident will serve as a learning lesson for future events.

How do you feel about this?

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  1. If staff allowed/directed them to sit there temporarily, what’s the big deal? Netizens just salty because they weren’t given the same privilege.

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