Steve Aoki Announces Upcoming Collaboration With BTS


Army really can’t take a break! Steve Aoki just announced that he will be collaborating with BTS, again!

Previously, BTS fans noticed a mysterious billboard that was slowly adding letters until it spelled BTS and have come up with many theories as to what that might mean, turns out its to promote Steve Aoki and BTS upcoming collaboration. The billboard now displays “BTS and Steve Aoki”!

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On October 24, Steve Aoki announced via Twitter the happy news about his upcoming collaboration with BTS that will be released (guess when?) tomorrow!

He even asked fans to tweet with the hashtag #WasteItOnMe to get a preview. Of course that took no time, the fans helped trend the hashtag worldwide until they got a preview.

BTS and Steve Aoki has previously collaborated twice on their remix of “MIC Drop” and the song “The Truth Untold” of BTS’s album “Love Yourself: Tear.”

Metro reported a very interesting thing, “Waste It On Me” will be sung in English entirely, so this also came as a surprise. This track is part of Steve Aoki’s upcoming album “Neon Future III,” out on November 9.

Who’s excited?


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