EXO Hurt By Laser Pens In Macau Concert, International EXO-Ls Outraged By The Childish Behavior


EXO-Ls are very angry with the rude behavior of some ‘fans’ at EXO’s most recent concert in Macau and its easy to understand why.

EXO had announced an encore of their tour (The Elyxion [dot]) in two countries: Seoul, South Korea on July 13th, 14th and 15th and Macau on August 10th and 11th.

The members have arrived and performed last night for August 10 concert but some very rude fans did something that ended up harming EXO members eyes.

During the concert, some fans noticed that there were other ‘fans’ in the front row who were pointing towards EXO members with a laser pen directly to their eyes. The members felt very uncomfortable by the laser pointed at their eyes and they couldn’t change location or shift because of the choreography, the laser pens were pointed at Chanyeol, Kai and D.O.

After international EXO-Ls saw the video and photo evidence and proof, they were furious, those anti-fans showed up to the concert with the intent to harm the members.

As a result, the event organizers took stricter measures for today’s concert. SM Entertainment only allowed the official light stick to the venue, other lighting/glowing items (eg. Light boards) were prohibited. The security announced they would be confiscating any goods that could be of harm.

EXO-Ls pointed out that those weren’t true fans and that it was such a rude thing to do to EXO who came all the way to perform in Macau.

Here are some more photos of the laser pointed at the members:

What do you think of this issue?



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