Someone Threatens To Kill BTS’s Jimin, Big Hit Entertainment Issues A Response


On Instagram, a user wrote a post that included the photo of a gun and the statement that he/she plans on shooting Jimin at BTS’s concert in Los Angeles on September 5. The concert is part of the group’s “Love Yourself” world tour.

Big Hit Entertainment has issued a statement responding to these threats to Newsen.

They said,

“Regardless of the authenticity of these threats, we plan on taking the proper measures to protect the members against these threats. In the past as well, we made sure we prepared well enough and the matter was resolved without any actual incident. We will continue to monitor the situation and prepare for it, we’re keeping an eye on the situation.”

This is the 3rd time Jimin received threats. Last year in April, he also received similar threats and it happened again with their Fort Worth concert in May 2018.

BTS’s upcoming world tour starts on August 25 and 26 with two concerts in Seoul, the group is set to visit in the United States, Canada, and Europe and more.

What do you think of these threats?

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