Woo Do Hwan Talks About His Ideal Type, Chooses Between Seo Ye Ji And Ryu Hwayoung

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Woo Do Hwan has recently sat down for an interview to talk about his ideal type and what type of man he is in front of the woman he likes.

The actor has gained immense popularity for his portrayal of the cold-hearted Kim Min Joon in “Mad Dog,” in reality the actor revealed that he’s nothing like his character, he said,

“I think I am the opposite of him, he was too bad. I don’t like playing with the girl I like. If I like her I will tell her straight away ‘I like you.’ I will be honest and straightforward; some people might not like this but that how I do it.”

The actor was also asked about his ideal type, he said,

“I like someone I can communicate with well. I think that communication is more important than just finding someone to hang out with, of course its nice to go watch movies, eat, and drink coffee together, but its also important when, how much and for how many hours I miss her. Based on that I judge how much I like her, love her and think of her.”

Woo Do Hwan was also asked to choose the one closest to his ideal type between his previous female co-stars’ characters played by Seo Ye Ji And Ryu Hwayoung, the actor said,

“I choose Sang Mi (played by Seo Ye Ji). I like people who are honest about their feelings towards each other. Hari (played by Ryu Hwayoung) and Min Joon hid too many things from one another.”

The actor also spoke about what kind of actor he aspires to become, he said,

“I want to be an actor who’s a good person. I want to be a person who can give happiness to others.”

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