Why Reports About The Next 2020 BTS Comeback Being Their Last Before Jin Enlist Isn’t Entirely Correct

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Guess who’s coming back soon? BTS!!!

A couple of days ago, Korean news outlets began reporting about BTS next comeback which is projected to be sometime in early 2020, reports claimed that BTS are coming back in February of 2020.

Fans are aware that BTS are working on new music. The boys themselves said so during their speech for one of their 2019 MAMA awards.

In response to reports about BTS comeback, Big Hit issued a brief statement not confirming nor denying the news, they stated that they will reveal the comeback schedule when it’s confirmed.

When the news of a possible 2020 BTS comeback spread, news outlets jumped at the idea that this could be their last BTS comeback as seven members for a while. While this is not far from being a possibility, it is still an exaggeration to say that so soon. But for a title this big, as a news outlet, I understand the motivation, but unlike the majority, I don’t think this will be their ‘last comeback’ as a full group for a while.

Jin was born in late 1992, which means that by the end of 2020, he’ll become 28 years old and as previously reported, BTS members will not be granted military exemption, by the age of 28, all able Korean men must serve their country, this means that Jin must enlist before 2020 ends.

But since he’ll only become 28 by the end of 2020, it’s not exactly accurate to assume Big Hit would only give BTS one comeback in 2020 especially since it’ll be a huge year for them as a group because it’ll be their chance to promote as a whole before they have to enlist.

BTS usually comes back and then releases a repackage album of their previous comeback adding a couple of songs to the mix. BTS are considered one of the most active Kpop groups so it’s not far-fetched to assume that in 2020, Big Hit will press even harder for group BTS activities, they’ll also likely prepare a lot of content with BTS as seven members that they’ll likely release as each member enlists.

This is my prediction based on how Big Hit deals with BTS activities plus how other agencies as well dealt with their top groups taking hiatus due to military enlistment, idols usually prepare goodbye songs to their fans as well which they release before they enlist.

Big Hit revenue comes mostly from BTS, they have been trying to diversify their sources of income because once BTS members begin to enlist, their revenue will likely take a huge hit. BTS are worth a lot as a group.

While BTS members have previously released solo work, Big Hit never pushed in solo-work direction and focused on BTS as a whole, this has its upsides and downsides as well because it also means Big Hit doesn’t have enough data to estimate how big their losses will be as BTS enlists.

We’ll likely see BTS sub-units and solo debuts in the near future, but of course, we have no way of measuring how successful each endeavor will be because we don’t know just how well each BTS member will do, what we do know is that ARMY are very active and very supportive of BTS.

It’ll be interesting to see how Big Hit deals with the rest of BTS once Jin enlists, 2020 is going to be a decisive year for BTS and Big Hit because there will be a huge shift.

Of course, if BTS members decided to enlist closely together, the enlistment hiatus will be minimized but it’s too early to tell what will happen and how they’ll likely deal with it. Suga is up after Jin and will have to enlist before 2021 ends.

What are your thoughts on this?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan

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  1. if i were BIGHIT i would probably release a very big group album that will jolt the music industry strong enough to remain on the charts for a very long time and let ARMY do the rest of ensuring the album stays afloat a long time till all members finish their enlistment duties then do subgroup song promotions in between just to keep the name afloat.
    i also suggest they do 3 group enlistment since all of them technically are eligible already. first is Jin and Suga (leave RM and Jhope to guide the young ones), 2nd is RM, JK and Jhope (up to Jin Suga Jimin and V to carry on the group), last is V and Jimin. then the big comeback after 6 years instead of doing an individual enlistment which will take more time without BTS.
    just my opinion.
    of course it would be best if they can do all at the same time.

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