Upcoming Schedules Cancelled After Five Of The Six Members of STAYC Tested Positive For COVID-19

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STAYC’s five members have been confirmed to be tested positive for COVID-19.

STAYC fan meeting was temporarily postponed due to J’s confirmation of COVID-19, following members of the group StayC, Sumin, Si Eun, Isa, and Se Eun.

On August 9, STAYC agency High Up Entertainment said on the fan community Weverse, “J, a member of STAYC, was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 today.”

J tested negative on PCR test conducted the previous day, but we additionally conducted a rapid antigen test this morning because she had a slight body ache. There are no special symptoms other than mild body aches, and she is being treated at home according to the quarantine authorities’ rules,”they said.

Following J’s COVID-19 confirmation, five out of six STAYC members were tested positive, and Yoon, a STAYC member, reportedly received negative tests on both the previous day and today’s PCR tests.

Due to the confirmation of COVID-19 by all members except Yoon, the agency decided to postpone the first fan meeting Stay Cool Party scheduled for August 13.

We hope the STAYC members have a speedy recovery.

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