TXT Deliver On Their Promise To Put Yeonjun In A Fridge If Their Album Sells 1 Million Copies

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TXT stayed true to their promise!

On May 10, one day after the comeback of TXT, their newest mini-album “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” surpassed 1 million sales making them the second-fastest artist in Hanteo’s history to reach the 1 million mark.

Last year, when TXT was busily preparing for their comeback, Taehyun jokingly said on Weverse that he would put Yeonjun in a fridge if their album reaches 1 million copies since the title of the album they were working on was called “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.” Taehyun said he would challenge him to stay there for 100 minutes.

Fans never forgot Taehyun’s words and neither did the members of TXT.

On May 11, when their most recent album surpassed 1 million copies, they uploaded a video in which Taehyun goes looking for Yeonjun only to find him in the fridge hanging out with a popsicle, sunglasses, and a penguin plushie.

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In the video, Taehyun asks Huening Kai where Yeonjun is, and Huening Kai replies, “I heard he was resting in his room.” He then goes to the fridge, knocks on it, and sees Yeonjun repeatedly saying he’s happy they reached 1 million copies before shutting the door so he can ‘sleep.’

Congratulations to TXT on their impressive achievement!

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