How ARMY Turned Losing Three People’s Choice Awards Into A Something That Would Make BTS Proud

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ARMY were in shock after yesterday’s announcement!

On November 10, the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards were held. The results managed to infuriate the biggest fandom on the planet with its results.

BTS were nominated in three categories: The Group of 2019, The Music Video of 2019 and The Concert Tour of 2019. The group was also leading the votes polls according to various data collection accounts, ARMY thought that BTS were going to walk away with at least one award. They were shocked to find out BTS lost to BLACKPINK for in all three categories.

As a result, ARMY trended two hashtags demanding a response from the event organizers. They also expressed their disappointment with how the results turned out considering BTS track record this year; they also accused the award show of using BTS for clout.

Despite the disappointing results in ARMYs point of view, they still managed to turn it into something that would make BTS proud of them. They directed their anger towards something productive.

The hashtag #BuyPersonaOniTunes began trending worldwide; ARMY started encouraging each other to buy the album online. As a result, the album topped various iTunes charts around the world, in 19 countries and regions as of this writing. The album was released 7 months ago, it’s not an easy feat to get an album that’s been out for a while to chart so high but ARMY did it.

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