BTS Mattel Dolls, Yay Or Nah? ARMY Opinions Divided

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US toymaker Mattel has been teasing its collaboration with BTS for a while now, after it has been initially announced in January of 2019.

The dolls were revealed a couple of days ago, however, BTS’s fandom ARMY have split opinions on the final products.

Some ARMY absolutely loved it, others felt neutral and there was a portion that had issues with the design.

Many fans expressed their disappointment with the dolls through memes on Twitter. The most talked about point by some ARMY was the design of the dolls hair; they did commend the overall outfit design as well as the facial expressions. However, it looked like the hair required a little more work according to some ARMY.

Still, the fandom asked those who critiqued the dolls not to be too harsh and draw comparisons to BTS figurines. Some ARMY say the dolls cost around $20 and aren’t going to be perfect and thus shouldn’t be heavily criticized.

Here are some of ARMY tweets:

What do you think of the dolls? Do you love them or hate them?

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