Big Hit Entertainment Reveals Debut Date For its highly anticipated Upcoming Girl Group

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Big Hit Entertainment first girl group since GLAM is coming, very soon!

Big Hit Entertainment and Source music have recently announced their plans for a joint girl group announcing they would be holding global auditions soon.

In a press release on September 4; they revealed that the girl group is planning for a debut in 2021 which is two years from now.

They plan on holding global auditions “PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION” to select members whom they plan on debuting in 2021.

As previously reported, former SM Entertainment creative director Chief Brand Officer Min Hee Jin and Bang Shi Hyuk will work together on the upcoming girl group.

They will hold global auditions in 16 different cities around the world; they have also released posters for the upcoming audition. Take a look below.

Would you like to audition to Big Hit?

My Personal Thoughts

So you’re telling me they plan to debut a girl group in less than two years from now? That doesn’t seem plausible considering how many eyes will be on them.

I thought these trainees would need a longer period of training before they debut… I could be wrong, but they could also be recruiting trainees from other agencies or already have their own trainees, don’t forget we have Source Music who already has trainees, I don’t know if one to two years is enough to debut an entire girl group that everyone will be interested in.

It’s interesting how fast they’re moving with the girl group debut preparations and I don’t blame them. The moment BTS begin enlisting in the military, Big Hit will take a hit *no pun intended*. BTS makes up for all of their profit so far and TXT’s debut wasn’t as big of a success in South Korea as many would have liked it to be.

I believe that they’ll probably create sub-units and help BTS members venture out but they’ll also focus on the new generation so its understandable the time frame they’re trying to aim for.

It’ll be interesting to see if they follow through with the debut date.

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  1. k pop industry is famous in the world. And now everyone want to become a k pop idol. K pop industry is also famous in India but indian’s don’t get a chance to prove them WHY? Because indian are not so fair if fairness doesn’t matter so why they don’t give a chance to Indian’s. talent is more important than fairness.
    I’m sorry if i make you feel bad.
    But its matter to us please think of it.

    1. You are absolutely correct they always judge Indians by their skin colour and not by their talent . By the way we Indians have their own music talent and best singers so we don’t need any kpop audition in India

      1. It’s true that we Indians have our own talent and great music.But when it comes to such thinks….Indians always try to dominate their fellow Northeast Indians.This is the reason why almost every Northeast Indian is interested in k-pop…because we northeasterns are not given any respect or equality in our own country.

    2. Why should Indians go into K-pop. I mean it’s good if someone bags a place in any kpop grp but India has a pretty much established and famous entertainment industry why’d you like to go outside then even knowing that K-pop groups literally have an expiry date.

    3. Yes I believe that Indians can also get a chance. I mean hwasa from mamamoo also has a darker shade of skin colour. So what? I feel like they should also hold it in India in Mumbai. But I don’t know if I can audition because I’m only 14 years old. I can sing and I can dance too. But my parents cannot waste their money to fly me to a nearer city ie Bangkok just for some audition which I’m not even sure of passing. I know that I can learn Korean easily too so I just wish they can add india.
      Bts this is a request to u from us Indian ARMYS
      Please !!

      1. They have formed not Big hit but some other k entertainment agency a group called z boys and z girls where they they audition for India also.Priyanka from guwahati is member of z girl group.indians can never go into mainstream k pop

  2. I just want to know if you have to be able to sing in Korean and/or speak it. Plus this seems like a good opportunity to live your dreams. But they should wait another year or two before debut

    1. Nope its just a stereotype that we got..I’m from north and Im actually seeing alots of people with fair India we have different kind of my own friend circle I’m skin tone is beige,my other friend is pinkish, and the other is Fair and other two are tan..and also in kpop I have seen few idol with tan skin for ex hwasa,cl,Jessie,RM is also tan..
      I think Korean thinks that Indians or other countries can’t sing in Korean. I mean that’s why its kpop.its different industry as Bollywood and Hollywood..and sorry to say that but in kpop visual is also important as talent..
      And visualization is not depends on skin color but yeah its includes body,facial features etc and kpop will glow you up more for sure….so I personally thinks that we will have some chances in couple of years..

    2. Its good that they are trying to handle a GG again. I hope for the best of luck to the future members! There’s no restrictions in this new girl group auditions! I believe you can get in if you have the skills. But I’ll tell you that the kpop industry is really harsh, sometimes a bit more harsh to females than males.

    3. They must learn korean language as they will be promoting in S. Korea. Just like twice’s japanese members who learned korean. Even the original chinese members of exo learned korean as well.

      1. Everyone knows K-pop song are best & best to listen.. Indians are interested in K-pop songs… U may have to give a chance to Indians .. Plz make audition in India…… I may sure u may ur best K-pop singers in India

    4. I would love to audition but I don’t know how to sing or speak Korean and plus I am not even sure if I could get in because I’m not Korean or half Korean. Plus I am not that good at singing or dancing. I really would love to audition but I would have to go to America to audition because I’m from finland.

  3. Hmm… Not so sure if it’s a great idea just because, their first attempt was a huge failure, only for one member to make a scandal and second look at Pledis! Nuest’ is again rising, while their juniors(hoobae)Seventeen is on a roll.

  4. Why they don’t give chance to indian please give chance to us I will surely burn the stage even I am fair. it’s my dream please let me fulfill it………please.

  5. Bighit and other kpop agencies should also give a chance to south asians. Pakistan widely appreciated kpop and everybody nowadays wants to become a kpop idol. “Global auditions” should be for everyone otherwise they shouldn’t call it that because it’s not just misleading but also heartbreaking for millions of people around the globe who wish to become idols.

  6. Therebmust be Addition’s in Pakistan (Islambad) because in Pakistan many people are full of singing talent and dancing talent to show does Pakistani people can always adution in Big Hit Entertainment so please.Come and take audition in Pakistan (Islambad) please let me know if you are interested to take audition in Pakistan .

  7. Hi everyone I’m from India ( Nagaland) . I really want the Big Hit Entertainment to conduct audition in Nagaland we are so interested in showing our talent and we would love if Big Hit Entertainment conduct audition in Nagaland . I hope that they can read this message and conduct audition in Nagaland. Lots of love and support to Big Hit Entertainment. Thank you

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