Big Hit Entertainment Introduces First Member Of Upcoming Boy Group TXT Yeonjun

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Fans were right!

Big Hit Entertainment upcoming boy group is called TXT (which stands for Tomorrow X Together).

On January 11 at midnight KST, Big Hit Entertainment dropped the first official photo and video teaser of its upcoming boy group, the first member that was introduced is called Yeonjun.

The agency has already released photos and a video teaser introducing the first member. They have also opened official social media accounts for the group.

The agency had previously announced their plans to introduce an upcoming boy group in 2019 which would be their first following BTS. Many reports soon followed and some of them claimed the group will be composed of five members with the average age of 17 and they will follow a different concept unlike BTS; however, Big Hit hasn’t released an official statement to confirm these reports.

Taking a look at the coming soon page Big Hit Entertainment had initially established for the new boy group, its estimated the next member will be revealed in less than 71 hours.

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What do you think of the new group?

My Thoughts

This is big y’all!

I am personally not interested in stanning new boy groups because I am older than most kpop fans, I stopped like 3 years ago, I focus mostly on kdramas now because Kpop culture can be infuriating and toxic…. but I admit I am intrigued by TXT.

I am not going to look at it from a fan point of view as much as from a business point of view. Bighit is an interesting company that basically leads the biggest Kpop group on the plant right now, so there is a lot at stake.

This reminds me of YG earlier days, YG wasn’t doing extremely well before BIGBANG, but then after they came and exploded to the scene, 2NE1 followed using the hype of the group and became one of the baddest kpop groups of all time. YG is always trying to replicate that same level of success they’d had with BIGBANG, to no avail.

It’s the domino effect and I believe TXT will be able to stand on it’s on. From a marketing point of view, I am impressed with Bighit, I work in marketing and its interesting to see that they’re not really trying to label TXT the-next-BTS, they got balls for not doing that.

If utilized correctly, attaching BTS’s name to TXT is going to fuel their debut and help skyrocket their careers instantly, YG did the same with 2NE1 using BIGBANG and having them do a collaboration song together back in the day.

The difference here is that BTS is a boy group and so is TXT, comparing them is inevitable and I believe this is one of the reasons they’re not trying to attach the names together.

There are marketing risks either way for Bighit here, if they decided to attach BTS’s name to the new group or if they decided to distinguish them.

Personally, I would have also gone with Bighit’s choice here, I wouldn’t label them as the-next-BTS and in my marketing method I will try to surreptitiously insert BTS in the background to push them enough not to be noticed by anyone and not aggressively.

BTS’s name alone is enough to carry the group and that’s because ARMY is arguably the biggest Kpop fandom right now. Even if Bighit didn’t want ARMY’s help, they would have provided it anyway.

I like the secrecy in their marketing strategy approach, they didn’t release a 100 statements and only reports by ‘industry insiders’ were published and there weren’t even many of them.

That’s another clever marketing strategy!

Bighit does well managing BTS in my opinion but its not enough to call them the best management agency in South Korea. Their true colors and capabilities will be tested when the new group rolls out.

BTS aren’t easy to manage and I bet they already dedicated two separate teams for both groups. It’ll be interesting to see how Bighit manages both groups.

2019 is shaping out to be an interesting year!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Like you, I am older than the average Kpop fan and am done with stanning, but I am very interested in BigHit’s new group and how they will do. I do love the music of a lot of the younger groups these days, I really hope they have a good sound!

  2. I am older too but I am interested in what they have to bring in the industry. Knowing Bang Shi Hyuk, they will be a hit. This man has a foresight in putting group together and what type of music he’ll bring. He excluded BTS to a typical Kpop sound (bubblegum pop) and brought many different genre including alternative sounds, reggae, R&B, rock, hip hop and pop. That was the reason I became a BTS fan.

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