ARMY Show Frustration With Big Hit After Noticing That BTS V Was Left Out Of Official Merchandise Again

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#RespectBTSV is the top trending hashtag on Twitter right now with more than 200K mentions. But what happened and what led to this hashtag? Does it have to do with sasaengs? Antis? Or solo stans? Sadly, it has to do with something that has been reoccurring for a long time.

Recently, the Official MOTS 7 Merchandise was released, at first fans were excited about the merch but suddenly that excitement faded away when they found out that BTS V was excluded from the merch.

The issue is with the hoodie merch, the hoodie features all BTS members handwriting except for V. The reason fans are protesting this time is because this isn’t the first time such a thing happened to V.

There have been many instances in the past where V was excluded from official content and merch, fans have finally snapped and decided to trend a hashtag announcing many actions including boycott, or requesting a refund by filing a complaint. They plan on doing this until Big Hit takes action and make sure such a thing doesn’t happen again.

Here are some of fans’ tweets about this issue:

What are your thoughts on this?

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