The Defense Minister Of South Korea Says They’re Considering Giving BTS Time To Practice And Perform Overseas Even While Serving The Military

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The Defense Minister Of South Korea’s recent remarks about BTS and military service have raised eyebrows.

While the BTS members have rarely addressed military service publicly, many netizens and politicians continue to discuss what can be done in relation to their impending service.

On August 1, Lee Jong Sub, the defense minister of South Korea, spoke about BTS military service and said some very interesting things that gained mixed reactions from k-netizens.

One of the things he brought up was the possibility that BTS could be given time to practice and even perform overseas even after their enlistment. He also said the possibility of exemption is highly unlikely.

This is in contrast to the current Korean military law that prohibits soldiers from engaging in additional business while serving in the military.

The head of the Military Manpower Administration, Lee Ki Shik, also said that the administration is considering alternative service while stressing that adding a pop culture artist to the list of criteria for exemption may break the service framework.

The meeting yielded no concrete policies on how BTS military service should be handled.

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