How HyunA’s Response To Haters Earned Her International Recognition And Respect


HyunA and E’Dawn have been the center of attention for about 2 months now. It all started early August 2 months ago when the two personally confirmed they were dating after their label denied it.

Aside from the fandom of Pentagon and HyunA, few people paid close attention to how HyunA and E’Dawn interacted, the fandom already knew something was going on between them but they didn’t expect they had been dating for 2 years.

After the news broke out South Korean fans of Pentagon flipped and even demanded E’Dawn should be kicked out of his group for dating his senior. Cube Entertainment fueled the fury and cancelled Triple H promotions and almost all of HyunA and E’Dawn schedules.

Fast forward to September and the label announced they would be kicking out the couple of their agency citing broken trust as the reason for that decision.

Throughout that period fans and spectators of the international community were affected by the news and rooted for the couple to make it out of this mess alive. The two loved each other and didn’t want to hide it from their fans anymore.

Throughout that period HyunA and E’Dawn gained a lot of new international fans who sent out support their way for standing by each other and choosing love in a crazy industry that promotes idols as dolls owned by fans who like them.

Yesterday, HyunA posted photos of her date in Japan with E’Dawn. This was their first post together after they confirmed they were dating. International fans loved the post and flocked it with positive messages of support for the couple.

In South Korea, celebrities almost never post photos of their boyfriends/girlfriends. Even if they confirmed they were dating, they always keep a low profile not because they want that sometimes but because they have to.

The post has more than 1.8 million likes at the moment and over 194,000 comments. Mostly by international fans of all parts of the world cheering the couple on and wishing them happiness.

HyunA and E’Dawn are adults who have the right to show their love for each other. As an international fan, I am very proud with HyunA for giving all the haters the middle finger.



  1. Even though hyuna and edawn left everything and gave up fame I am extremely proud of them both. They are both only human and they deserve happiness hunty. They didnt let anything consume them and they didnt give each other up to keep their careers if and keyword the fact I said,if , everyone if hyuna and edawn decides to just leave the entertainment business permanently ill still support them either way. They stood up to everything for love and I’m so happy they have their happy ending they deserve each other. I just feel for edawn because damn his career was just recent I mean our girl hyuna got some great years, you feel me? First jyp and then cube she can make it anywhere. Anyways regardless of what they decide from here on out I just wish them safety , great health and happiness that’s all I want for our girl hyuna and our boy edawn. I hope their love last forever and I pray they will be well. Love you so much hyuna and edawn ♡♡♡


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