Timeline: LOONA And Blockberry Lawsuits And Controversy, The Full Story


This page serves as the entire timeline for the ongoing situation between LOONA and BLOCKBERRY CREATIVE, including the lawsuit, controversy, ban on activities, and more.

It will include all the dates and brief information about when the contract issues started beginning with Chuu, how its going, and all the important updates in between. Each entry will include link/s to full article explaining the situation.

This page will be regularly updated to include the latest information relating to this long fight. We will try our best to keep the information as accurate as possible, but please be mindful that some entries or links are merely speculations or reports that are/have yet to be verified by either LOONA or BLOCKBERRY or both.

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December/January 2021- Chuu files first lawsuit to suspend her contract, Blockberry does not respond to the reports

Dispatch said she applied for an injunction on the effectiveness of the exclusive contract in January 2022. The court sided with her and she was granted more rights over how her activities should proceed.

February, 8, 2022- Chuu does not take part in the group’s upcoming concerts

Blockberry Creative announced that Chuu would be sitting out LOONA’s “LOONAVERSE: FROM” concerts in Seoul on February 11 and 12 due to alleged health issues.

March, 2022- First report of Chuu’s conflict with her agency emerges

Wikitree reported Chuu has filed lawsuit to suspend her exclusive contract against the label in December 2021. Blockberry does not comment on the matter

April 2022- the establishment of certification of all the registered matters of “Chuu Co., Ltd.”

Fans circulate photos of the certification. Neither Blackberry nor Chuu respond to the said rumors.

Per the 1st report by Dispatch released in December of 2022, the news outlet claims a new contract was proposed in April Chuu will be allowed to take breaks from LOONA’s group activities for up to three times per month.

They said, “It is groundless. Even though there is no official statement from the company or individual members, some articles confused fans and the public by expressing themselves as officials.

On June 3, Blockberry Creative shared a brief announcement through LOONA’s fan café that their world tour would proceed without Chuu.

October 28, 2022- rumors surface of Chuu setting up her own agency “Chuu Co., Ltd,” and rumored to be leaving

Blockberry Creative denies, “It is groundless that she’s transferring. We were not aware of this.”

November 25, 2022- Blockberry expels Chuu over alleged staff mistreatment

On November 25, Blockberry creative shocked fans by announcing that Chuu has been kicked out from the group after they investigated her for alleged allegations of abuse of power including alleged use of abusive language towards the staff.

November 28, 2022- various developments

1. Blockberry fires back at netizens for questioning the statement and says Chuu should prove her innocence if she wishes

Read their full response here.

2. first news of LOONA member allegedly Filing To Terminate Their Contracts With Blockberry Creative, Blockberry denys

On the said day, Korean news outlets reported 9 members of LOONA have filed for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with Blockberry Creative. Vivi And Hyunjin have reportedly not done so.

In a separate statement to SPOTV, BlockBerry Creative denied the rumors, they said, “They are not true.”

3. Chuu rumored to have signed with new agency BY4M Studio

According to an E-Daily report on November 28, Chuu will work under the BY4M Studio and is receiving support for her activities. BY4M Studio will soon officially announce the recruitment of Chuu and the direction of future activities.

4. Chuu breaks silence, says she’s done nothing wrong

She said, “I have not been contacted nor do I know anything about the series of events that led to this. I am aware of the situation and its clear I have not done anything that would embarrass my fans. I will talk to you again in the future once my position has been decided. Thank you so much for giving me your concern.”

December 7, 2022- Blockberry Creative says LOONA is making a comeback, teasers begin to drop

On December 7, one news outlet reported the group will be making their first 11-member comeback on January 11. This will be the 1st comeback after Chuu’s removal. Blockberry Creative confirmed.

December 16, 2022- LOONA Will Not Hold A Media Or Fan Showcase For Their Comeback, Blockberry says

On the 16th, Blockberry Creative told TV Report that there will be no separate media showcase and fan showcase on the day of the album release.

December 19, 2022- Dispatch releases first report on Chuu and Blockberry fight

Dispatch provided testimonies from both sides and concluded it no one was the true villain here and both made mistakes. They provide a timeline of the events too.

December 22, 2022- Blockberry Announces Indefinite Postponement Of LOONA’s Comeback

On December 22, Blockberry Creative made an official statement where they announced the postponement of LOONA’s comeback because of many misunderstandings and speculations surrounding the former member Chuu, addressing the speculations while sharing their struggles and journey as a small agency and asking for continuous support for LOONA.

January 2023- some members begin launching official solo Instagram accounts

LOONA’s Hyunjin Opens Personal Instagram Account

January 13, 2023- Four Of Nine Members Of LOONA Win An Injunction To Suspend Contracts With Blockberry Creative

On January 13, news outlets reported that The Civil Affairs Division 1 of the Seoul Northern District Court ruled that Four members of the girl group LOONA, Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry, have successfully obtained a court order to temporarily halt their contracts with their agency, BlockBerry Creative, while the remaining five members, Haseul, Yeojin, Yves, Olivia Hye, and Gowon, did not win their court case and will continue to be represented by the agency.

Blockberry Creative says they will look into the report but do not respond at all.

Various members take to fans to express their feelings on the matter confirming the news despite the agency refusing to address it at the time.

January 14, 2023- more members Launch Instagram Accounts

LOONA Members Choerry and Jinsoul Launch Instagram Accounts

January 23, 2023- LOONA’s Olivia Hye Leaves The Idol Survival Program “GIRL’S RE:VERSE”

Kakao Entertainment’s “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” announced on the official SNS on January 21st, “Chonky Cat stopped challenging at W for health reasons and returned to her cat star hometown.”

February 1, 2023- Blockberry File Petition Against Chuu To Ban Her From Carrying Out Activities

Star News reported on February 1st that in December 2022, Blockberry submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producers Association side by side, containing the ban on Chuu’s entertainment activities.

Later in a statement to the press, Blockberry confirmed the news and said they were also doing this for Heejin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry.

February 2, 2023- various developments

1. Chuu address the speculative reports and breaks silence

On February 2nd, Chuu posted an article on her SNS, saying, “I am very tired and really regretful to keep taking a stand over this.” Read her full statement here.

2. Universal Japan has started a movement to directly exercise exclusive rights over the members of LOONA

Universal Japan has started a movement to directly exercise exclusive rights over the members of LOONA, read report here.

February 3, 2023- LOONA’s Vivi and Hyunjin File To Terminate Their Contract With Blockberry, agency confirms

Vivi and Hyunjin have also filed a lawsuit against Blockberry. Later, the agency also confirmed the news in a statement.

May 9, 20233- LOONA’s Vivi and Hyunjin reportedly managed to suspend their contracts with Blockberry

According to legal sources on the 9th of May of 2023, Vivi and Hyunjin of LOONA, who recently filed for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contract with Blockberry Creative, received a partial victory in the first trial. Blockberry did not comment when the report first came out.

June 12, 2023- LOONA’s Hyunjin And Vivi Sign With New Label Established By Blockberry’s Former Head Of Planning Department

CTD E&M (CITIDENM) announced on the 12th of June the happy news, they said, “We have signed exclusive contracts with Hyunjin and Vivi.”

CTD E&M is a newly established agency founded by Yoon Doyeon, who previously served as the head of the planning and coordination department at Blockberry Creative, the agency of LOONA.

June 16, 2023- the remaining LOONA members break free from their contracts too

On the 16th, the 5 remaining members of LOONA [HaSeul, Yeojin, Yves, Olivia Hye, and Go] filed an appeal requesting the suspension of the effectiveness of their exclusive contracts against their agency, Blockberry Creative, at the Seoul High Court, and the court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

The court determined that there was a problem with the effectiveness of the exclusive contracts as Blockberry transferred the exclusive contract to the Japanese agency Universal Japan without the members’ written consent.

June 21- Haseul joins new agency

On the 21st of June, Modhouse announced, “We have signed an exclusive contract with HaSeul, a former member of LOONA. We will do our best to support HaSeul so that her charms can shine even more and she can meet fans in various ways.”

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