Your Full Guide To Son Suk Ku, The Rising Actor From “My Liberation Notes”

Son Suk Ku is one of the hottest rising Korean actors right now, with his recent role in “My Liberation Notes,” he’s gained many news fans, here is everything you need to know about the rising talented actor.

Son Suk Ku’s real age

The actor was born in 1983 which makes him 39 years old in international age.

Son Suk Ku’s education

Son Suk Ku was born in South Korea but the actor has lived in the U.S for quite some time and in Canada too. He pursued his education there. Son Suk Ku studied abroad in Canada since grade school. Son Suk Ku obtained a degree in filmmaking from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The actor had previously revealed the reason why his parents sent him overseas, he was an unusually shy student and thus, his parents thought it would be a good idea if he studied overseas.

Son Suk Ku’s ideal type

Son Suk Ku had previously revealed his ideal type to be someone who is witty and humorous.

Son Suk Ku’s girlfriend- Is He Dating?

Son Suk Ku does not have a girlfriend. He has never publicly confirmed he’s ever been in a relationship but that doesn’t mean the actor was never rumored to have dated someone.

Most recently, Son Suk Ku and Lee Seol were involved in dating rumors. However, both agencies denied it stating they are close acquaintances.

Son Suk Ku had also previously been involved in dating rumors with Bae Doona. The actor had also denied dating her in an official statement to the press. Son Suk Ku and Bae Doona worked together on “Sense8” and later reunited in the Korean drama “Matrimonial Chaos,” however, in that drama they didn’t play a couple’s role.

Is Son Suk Ku [Sun Seok Koo] Married? Does he have a wife?

Son Suk Ku is not married and does not have a wife.

Since the actor is 39 years old as of this writing and due to his age, many fans wonder whether he has a wife. The actor is single.

Son Suk Ku’s bullying scandal

As soon as Son Suk Ku began gaining momentum and more fame, one netizen tried to claim the actor was a perpetrator of school violence back in late 2021. The actor’s agency denied the news and actor personally re-opened his Instagram account to publicly deny the rumors, he said he filed a police report and will make sure to see through to it that the person who spread the false rumors is punished as he doesn’t take bullying lightly.

Son Suk Ku’s Instagram- The Official Account

As previously stated, Son Suk Ku had an Instagram but he deactivated it. However, he then reactivated it to address the bullying rumors in late 2021.

Right now, Son Suk Ku’s Instagram is active and his handle is @sonsukku.

Ever since “My Liberation Notes,” the actor’s Instagram popularity exploded and he’s gained many news followers.

Son Suk Ku’s CEO days

While it might be quite a shock to some fans, Son Suk Ku used to be a CEO, yes, you heard that right. How much cooler can he get?

Son Suk Ku became the CEO of a company named GOMT, a machine tool manufacturing company after he returned to Korea. The company had reportedly made over $4 million in profit in 2016.

When the news of him being a CEO was revealed, his agency clarified that he’s no longer the CEO of the company and has stepped away from management to focus on acting.

The company was founded in 2003 and distributes machine tools to approximately 10 countries.

Son Suk Ku in “My Liberation Notes”- tidbits and facts

In a recent interview with The Swoon, Son Suk Ku shared many interesting things about himself in relation to his recent role in “My Liberation Notes.”

Son Suk Ku says he’s actually very different from Mr. Gu, they’re almost nothing alike. But not only that, he’s actually wanted to play the role of Chang Hee and Lee Min Ki wanted to play the role of Mr. Gu. Fate had it that both actors played the opposite roles of what they had initially wanted.

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