This Rookie Kpop Idol Broke His Group Rules, Agency Announces He’s Suspending All Of His Activities

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Rookie idol Mill of boy group OnlyOneOf will be suspending his activities for the time being.

In an unusual statement from a Kpop company, OnlyOneOf agency announced that Mill broke his group’s rules in an official statement and thus will be suspending his promotions.

OnlyOneOf agency RSVP told fans that he’s suspending his activities for ‘violating group rules,’ however, they didn’t specify what rules he exactly broke, they stated that he’ll halt all of his official and unofficial activities for now. The agency assures fans that the decision was made out of concern for Mill and asked for their understanding.

Kpop companies don’t usually release such statements. Fans are surprised by the agency’s decision to announce that Mill has broken rules, fans are also curious about what rules he broke.

OnlyOneOf is a rookie boy group who made their debut in May of 2019.

What do you think of the agency’s statement? Was it the right decision to publicly announce that OnlyOneOf’s Mill broke group rules?

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