“The World Of The Married” Jeon Jin Seo’s Under Fire For Cursing After Private SNS Convo With His Friend Leaked, Agency Issues Apology

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“The World Of The Married” rising star Jeon Jin Seo has come under fire for his remarks on women.

On May 11, a screenshot of Jeon Jin Seo’s exchange with his friend was leaked online, and the exchange has gotten him backlash for what he wrote. In particular, Jeon Jin Seo posted a photo of a cartoon character with the middle finger and phrase ‘all women, please go away/get lost,’ this led to controversy about ‘misogyny’ online. His conversations with his friends on facbebook included lots of swear words as well.

Jeon Jin Seo is 15 years old (in Korean age and 13 in international age) and is currently one of the lead cast of the hugely popular series “The World Of The Married,” after the leak, his agency issued a long statement explaining his side of the story and issued an apology.

In their statement, they explain that Jeon Jin Seo was banned from dating by his guardian after entering middle school last year and the screenshots posted along with the picture was used by him to express that he has no girlfriend and is not in a relationship unlike his peers, the conversation was with his peers who are around the same age as him. The account has been deleted under the guidance of his guardians.

The agency says Jeon Jin Seo was not aware of the implications of the photos used or what it exactly meant and he meant no offense,

“The actor is deeply reflecting after causing inconvenience to many people due to his careless behavior.”

They also promise to better manage their actors in the future so such a thing doesn’t get repeated. They also asked for his words not to be interpreted in a malicious ways and added,

“Lastly, we’d like to apologize for causing trouble to ‘The World Of The Married’ production team.

Once again, thank you for your interest and support for Jeon Jin Seo.”

This is the second time an actor from “The World Of The Married” has gotten into controversy, previously, teenage Actor Jung Joon Won (who plays Jeon Jin Seo’s character friend in the drama) was also caught in controversy after photos of underage drinking and smoking surfaced online. Since then, his agency apologized and promised to do better at managing their artists.

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