The Highest Rated JTBC Dramas Of All Time

One of South Korea’s largest cable networks, JTBC, is responsible for some of the most well-known K-dramas, and here are their top-rated ones.


  • This list only includes JTBC dramas, it does not include other cable channel kdramas, it also does not include non-drama shows on JTBC. This means it does not cover variety shows airing on JTBC or competition shows.
  • Cable kdramas generally have lower ratings since they’re paid channels. And generally speaking, 10% for a cable channel drama is considered a success, anything over 15% or 20% is considered very rare and a big deal.
  • This list includes the top 10 highest-rated JTBC dramas of all time and will be regularly updated to include new entries

1- The World of the Married

Highest rated episode: 28.371%

Air date: 16 May 2020

2- Reborn Rich

Highest rated episode: 26.948%

Air date: 25 December 2022

3- Sky Castle

Highest rated episode: 23.779%

Air date: 1 February 2019

4- Itaewon Class

Highest rated episode: 16.548%

Air date: 21 March 2020

5- Agency

Highest rated episode: 16.044%

Air date: 26 February 2023

6- The Lady in Dignity

Highest rated episode: 12.065%

Air date: 19 August 2017

7- My Kids Give Me a Headache

Highest rated episode: 10.715%

Air date: 17 March 2013

8- The Light in Your Eyes

Highest rated episode: 9.731%

Air date: 19 March 2019

9- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Highest rated episode: 9.668%

Air date: 15 April 2017

10- Misty

Highest rated episode: 8.452%

Air date: 24 March 2018

which one of these top JTBC dramas was your favorite?