Answering The Web’s Biggest Questions About Shin Seung Ho: Dating, Love Life, Dramas List, “Alchemy Of Souls” And More

Shin Seung Ho is one of the hottest rising Korean actors, having appeared in many kdramas such as “Alchemy Of Souls” and more, get to know the rising talented actor below!

In this page, we answer the web’s biggest questions about the actor, in case you have any question you’d like to ask, comment it and we’ll answer it asap.

Note: this page is regularly updated to reflect changes to the actor’s life and career

He is 187 cm (6’2”) tall

Go Won in Alchemy of Souls Part 2 (tvN | 2022-2023)

• Go Won in Alchemy of Souls Part 1 (tvN | 2022)

• Jeon Seok Dae in Weak Hero (Wavve | 2022)

• Hwang Jang Soo in D.P. (Netflix | 2021)

• Supporting role in Homemade Love Story (KBS2 | 2020)

• Heo Don Hyuk in How to Buy a Friend (KBS2 | 2020)

• Jang Il Sik in Love Alarm (Netflix | 2019)

• Ma Hwi Young in Moment at Eighteen (JTBC | 2019)

• Nam Shi Woo in A-Teen 2 (Naver TV Cast | 2019)

• A-Teen (Naver TV Cast | 2018)

No, he’s not currently publicly dating. He has never personally revealed he’s ever been in a relationship.

Shin Seung Ho does not currently have a girlfriend, publicly.

His debut drama is A-Teen 2 in 2018. he played the role of Nam Si Woo, who was a basketball player at Seoyeon High School.

His MBTI is currently unknown, once its revealed, we will add it here.

Yes, he played a minor character role in the drama. He played the role of Jang Il Sik, the ex-boyfriend of Kim Jojo [played by Kim So Hyun]

He doesn’t have any upcoming drama lineup for the year 2023, yet.

Yes, he played soccer/football.

Seung Ho was a soccer player for much of his youth, but eventually realized that the sport was no longer making him happy. He struggled with various challenges during his soccer career, but ultimately decided to retire from the sport after feeling that he was no longer on the right path.

Yes, he’s used to model. In fact, he made his debut in the entertainment industry as a model. Since he’s very tall. He started out as a model with King Kong, a division of Starship Entertainment. In 2016, he took part in the SBS Super Model Contest, and the following year he made his runway debut at the S/S Seoul Fashion Week and the S/S Seoul Fashion Week BNB12 Fashion Show.

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