Answering The Internet’s Burning Questions About NMIXX [FAQ]

This page aims to answer the Internet’s biggest and most frequently asked questions about the Kpop Group NMIXX, JYP’s newest girl group.

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The N in NMIXX symbolizes the now, new, next and unknown and MIX means combination and diversity.

JYP explained that NMIXX means ‘the best combination to take responsibility for a new era’.

NMIXX’s leader is Haewon.

The center of NMIXX is Jinni according to JYP.

Sullyoon is considered the visual of NMIXX.

NMIXX’s first song was “O.O” as part of their single album “AD MARE.”

The choreographer of NMIXX’sO.O are a group of performers and choreographers called Men Of The Future. It is specifically choreographed by @motf_riri & @bzbeom. This group also choreographed for other JYP artists such as TWICE and Stray Kids among many others.

According to JYP, NMIXX’s “O.O” was written by Dr.JO (153/Joombas). It was also composed by EJAE along with Brian U, Enan, MarkAlong, Charlotte Wilson, Chanti, Awry, Ayushy, Jan Baars, and Rajan Muse from The Hub.

NMIXX’s Lily does not have a brother.

NMIXX consists of 6 members. 5 of which are Korean and only one is Korean-Australian, Lilly is the Korean-Australian of the group.

There are only two members in NMIXX who can speak good English. Lily who is Korean-Australian can speak very good English. Haewon can also speak English.

NMIXX has only recently debuted, a disbandment date is unknown yet. As for their contract renewals date, it will be up 7 years from now. They debuted on February 22, 2022, so their contracts will expire on February 22, 2029.

Sullyoon studied Spanish in school and can speak some Spanish.

The oldest member of NMIXX is Lily.

Kyujin is the youngest member of the group. She was born in 2006.

Haewon trained for 4 years.

Lily trained for 6 years and 6 months.

Jiwoo trained for 4 years.

Sullyoon trained for a minimum of 3 years.

Bae is rumored to have also trained for at least 3 years.

Kyujin trained for 4 years.

Jinni was considered NMIXX’s main dancer but the group’s dance line is very strong. They’re all considered very good dancers.

NMIXX consists of six members who are: LilyHaewonSullyoon, BAEJiwoo, and Kyujin. Jinni departed the group in December of 2022.

The line from the oldest to the youngest is as follows: Lily → Haewon→ Sullyoon→  Jiwoo→ Bae →Kyujin.

Here is how old each NMIXX member is from oldest to youngest as of 2022.

  1. Lily is 20 years old
  2. Haewon is 19 years old
  3. Sullyoon is 18 years old
  4. Jiwoo is 17 years old
  5. Bae is 17 years old
  6. Kuyjin is 16 years old

NMIXX is part of JYP Entertainment. They’re their first Korean girl group in 3 years since ITZY.

Bae: dance, vocal. MBTI: ENFP

Jiwoo MBTI type is ESFP

Haewon MBTI type is ESTP

Kyujin MBTI type is ESFJ.

Lily MBTI type is ENFP

Sullyoon MBTI type is ISFP ( she is the only Introvert member).

  1. NMIXX Bae position is dance, vocal
  2. NMIXX Jiwoo position is rap, vocal, dance
  3. NMIXX Haewon position is leader, vocal.
  4. NMIXX Kyujin position is rap, vocal, dance.
  5. NMIXX Lily position is vocal. (oldest member).
  6. NMIXX Sullyoon position is vocal, dance.

NMIXX’s Jiwoo is 1.62 m (5’4″) tall. She is rumored to be around 50 kg although the member never confirmed it herself, which is pretty normal for her age.

NMIXX’s Jiwoo weight came under fire by netizens who bodyshamed her because she is not as skinny and bones as ‘regular’ kpop idols are.

  • NMIXX Bae zodiac sign is Capricorn
  • NMIXX Jiwoo zodiac sign is Aries
  • NMIXX Haewon zodiac sign is Pisces
  • NMIXX Kyujin zodiac sign is Gemini
  • NMIXX Lily zodiac sign is Libra
  • NMIXX Sullyoon zodiac sign is Aquarius

Jiwoo and Kyujin

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