How These Simple Restaurant Photos Sparked Dating Rumors Between ITZY’s Yuna and ENHYPEN’s Jay + Yuna Personally Shuts Them Down

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There have been rumors going around about ITZY’s Yuna and ENHYPEN’s Jay being a couple, we’re here to explain why it happened and how Yuna responded.

The rumors began due to posts by the two idols. Yuna uploaded photos of her meal at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in South Korea. She ordered a creme brule topped milkshake along with two chicken burgers.

ENHYPEN’s Jay also posted similar photos as he’s ordered the same things she did, unfortunately, this led to the dating rumors between Yuna and Jay.

One netizen, in particular, wrote a post on an online community about Jay and Yuna and alleged this was the reason why they had to be dating, the poster alleges the two idols have gone out on a date and these were photos of their date.

However, Yuna quickly shut down those rumors, she took to Dear. U Bubble to explain that she went with a friend of 11 years, they ate together and celebrated the friend getting into college.

To further prove that, Yuna even uploaded a photo of her friend’s hands making a V sign. Jay had also told fans he had gone with his parents.

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