FTISLAND Minhwan’s Wife Yulhee Does Not Hold Back Responding To A Comment Asking Her To Act Like A Mom

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Yulhee, the wife of FTISLAND member Minhwan, has criticized malicious comments on her recent post.

On November 28, Yulhee released several photos along with the lines such as “the Youngest baby the eldest Baby” and “I have these two too.” It is a picture taken with acquaintances, and it is presumed it was a birthday party after looking at Yulhee’s crown and shoulder strap. Yulhee was born on November 27, 1997. Yulhee, dressed in gray knitwear and a black miniskirt, is showing off her extraordinary beauty.

However, a netizen who saw the photo left a malicious comment, saying, “I’m sorry, but if you’re a mother of children, you should wear clothes suitable for a mother of children.” Yulhee then refuted back, saying, “What is dressing like a mother? Why come and bullsXt here? I would dress and go out prettily,” adding an emoji of a finger that symbolizes the swear word and did not suppress her anger.

Meanwhile, Yulhee married Minhwan in 2018 and has three children.

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