YouTuber Who Spread The False Dating Rumors Of BTS Jungkook And Lee Yoo Bi Turns Out To Be The Same One V Wants To Sue

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A couple of days ago, Big Hit addressed Jungkook dating rumors, the rumors came out of nowhere and most of the fandom had no idea how or where they started.

When fans traced it back, they found out something very interesting.

The dating rumors between Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi were recently spread by a YouTuber claiming the two are dating each other, showing alleged lovestagram posts as well. The rumors claim they have been dating since 2018.

However, the rumors have turned out to be completely fabricated and both agencies have since denied them.

Interestingly, On December 20, it was brought to V’s attention that a certain YouTube channel was spreading malicious rumors about not only BTS but also many other kpop groups including aespa and THE BOYZ to name a few.

A fan posted about this to Weverse, the post received a response from V who told the fan,

‘I’ll proceed with lawsuits. I could earn some snack money. They went as far as to mess with friends and family. Goodbye.’

When another fans said V shouldn’t worry about it, V commented,

‘I just looked through it and all the artists, not just us, do not like people like him. All the fans, ARMYs, many or may have not monitored him, but I will be suing on the behalf of those who got hurt and didn’t have enough courage [to sue].”

At the time, the YouTuber, instead of feeling apologetic or afraid, bragged about V mentioning his channel.

Back then, fans applauded V for his comments.

When the dating rumors about Lee Yoo Bi and Jungkook spread, many fans recalled that this YouTube channel was the same one V talked about suing.

Fans hope that HYBE will follow a lawsuit on the behalf of BTS and Jungkook for the rumors the said channel spread about them.

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  1. I hope V follows thru with the lawsuit and makes an example of that channel. It’s down right wrong to spread rumors like that. Because it may end up hurting lots of people. prime example of this is Wonho formerly of Monsta X, Woojin formerly of Stray Kids, and Lucas of NCT, SuperM, and WayV.

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