YouTuber Who Exposed Lee Jonghyun DMs To Her Explains Her Decision

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YouTuber Park Min Jung released Lee Jonghyun DMs to her earlier today, a couple of hours after she posted the screenshots, she posted to instagram to explain her decision to do so.

[NOTE: her post was posted before Lee Jonghyun announced departure from CNBLUE]

“Hello, this is Park Min Jung.

I am sorry for causing so much controversy because of the story I uploaded last night.

Firstly, I received the first direct message from CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun last week, and I was aware that he was self-reflecting, I just ignored it.

When I received the next direct message, to be honest, I felt a bit uncomfortable.

I thought he might send a message to other women and I wanted to prevent bad things from happening.

Those were the reasons why I uploaded the story, and I want to say that I am very sorry for revealing a private conversation.

I have removed the story now and will be more careful not to act rashly in the future. I apologize.”

Previously, Lee Jonghyun sent her the following messages:

“I really enjoy watching your YouTube videos. Please continue to upload fun videos.

Your belly fat is so cute.”

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What do you think of her reasons?

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  1. Honestly what was so offensive about his comment??? He said he enjoyed her videos and her belly is cute. I am a woman and would not be offended. It would be a compliment. If you don’t want ppl to comment about your body why are you posting pictures on lingerie and bikinis? You know what you look like in the mirror, so the only reason one shares these images with the world is to receive compliments or positive feedback. So I think it was unnecessary. I do agree JH should’ve never commented anything due to his previous scandal, but I don’t think his comments were offensive.

    1. The fact of the matter is he was supposedly “self-reflecting.” It was already a miracle he did not leave CNBLUE from the previous scandal. His fans, his company, and maybe even his own members lost trust in him. He was already on thin ice, he should have known not to act inappropriate or say/do anything that could ruin his reputation more.

  2. He’s such a talented artist. It a pity he got derailed. Unfortunately these entertainers get caught up in their circumstances because they are not allowed to live a normal life. There are alway women throwing themselves at these guys- I would imagine they get cynical about relationships. In the USA celebrities date openly…which is normal. This is what happens when corporations take over these young peoples lives-some go haywire.

  3. I myself did not see any problem with what JH said. Frankly speaking, if that girl doesn’t like men to give her sly comment then she should avoid posting pictures that shows her body specially to the public. Respect begets Respect. I don’t condone to what JH did. He is very unfortunate to associate himself with the wrong people or the wrong crowd. Sorry just saying ✌

    1. I don’t think that it’s the compliment that creeped her out, but more so the fact that it was him giving it to her. I would be creeped out if a known rapist said that stuff about my body, too

  4. I personally think she did the right thing…
    I mean.. Not to be mean or anything, but what kind of man comments about a ladies “belly fat”? Like is that even normal?

  5. Sorry but I DON”T feel sorry for the woman who got the private message. She post pictures and videos on social media of course someone will make a comment if they think of it as cute or what not. I don’t see the problem with his comment, if it was a regular person messaging her she would not make that public. The difference is he is a celebrity and she jumped in on getting it more controversial.

  6. Well, obviously that girl has her own ulterior motive in exposing JH. She even asked if its JH of CNBLUE and obviously that got her excited. And I don’t buy her reason for exposing JH too. Its too flimsy and obvious. But its a good thing that this happened. Let it be a lesson for these guys to not trust a girl like that BJ girl. That body and face is not enough to simply trust a girl that they don’t know. Beauty could be a blessing or a curse. In JH’s part it is a curse. Specially the obvious plastic beauty.

  7. That is right if you post pictures or videos is becauze you want people to see them and comment, its so unfortunate that a young talented person have to step away from his activities because people like this…

  8. Why does she post videos of herself on YouTube? Because she wants to be looked at and noticed. What JH said was offensive- he was complimenting her (in his way). She saw a chance for a quick 5 minutes of fame – to grab publicity for her YouTube page and possibly wants fame, herself.

    They are both as bad as each other. Many people feel invincible behind their keyboards and say things they shouldn’t. Granted, JH does have a tarnished image to start with but, did he deserve this latest scandal! He was, after all, just saying he liked her stomach. To record and show the videos that she does, to the world, proves that she is no wallflower – (but definitely an attention seeker). A comment like that would not upset her in the least- it’s all for show!

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