YouTuber And Bullying Victim Pyo Yerim Found Dead

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Youtuber Pyo Yerim (27), who confessed to being a victim of school violence, was found dead.

According to the Busanjin Police Station on the 10th of October, a report was received by the police and fire department around 12:57 pm that a woman had fallen into the Seongjigok Reservoir.

Upon receiving the report, the police and fire department immediately conducted a search and found the woman at around 4:20 pm. She was transferred to the hospital but was pronounced dead due to cardiac arrest.

The police confirmed that the woman who fell into the Seongjigok Reservoir was Pyo Yerim.

Prior to this incident, Pyo Yerim posted a video on her YouTube channel implying a drastic decision. In the video, she stated, “I am one of those who suffered from elementary, middle, and high school violence for the past 12 years. I am being targeted by a YouTube channel, receiving personal attacks and cyberbullying from multiple anonymous sources. Moreover, they are falsely claiming that my experience of school violence is a lie.”

She continued, “I can no longer endure the pain and have no confidence in overcoming it. Please do not give up on my case, as there is nothing left for me to continue living for.”

In March, Pyo Yerim appeared on MBC’s “Real Life Investigative Team” and directly confessed to being a victim of school violence. She was dubbed as the real life version of the hit drama “The Glory,” and gained a lot of attention for sharing her story.

After her appearance on the show, in April, she stated that she experienced secondary victimization and attempted suicide, resulting in hospitalization and treatment.

May her soul rest in peace.

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