Yoo Ah In Reportedly Administered Propofol 73 Times In 2021 + Hospitals To Also Be Investigated

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Yoo Ah In has reportedly administered more than 4400ml of propofol a total of 73 times in 2021.

On top, the Hospital officials who administered propofol to actor Yoo Ah In are also under police investigation for administering propofol.

On February 27, an official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said at a regular press conference, “We are investigating some hospital officials (who administered propofol).”

Previously, police confirmed that Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana while being investigated for alleged habitual use of propofol

Yoo Ah In is accused of habitually administering propofol while traveling to several hospitals in Gangnam and Yongsan, Seoul. The police have seized and searched hospitals and secured related records.

In particular, it was shocking to learn that Yoo Ah In reportedly administered more than 4400ml of propofol a total of 73 times in 2021. In addition, the National Forensic Service informed the police that the hair and urine tests showed propofol in the hair and marijuana positive in the urine test.

The police said, “We are analyzing the data (such as the National Forensic Service). If the investigation is further supplemented, we will demand attendance (of the users) and investigate.”

On the other hand, the actor’s agency UAA explained, “We asked the police several times about the contents reported through the media, but we only heard from them that ‘we can’t tell you’ until this morning. We have not received anything related to the future investigation schedule, but we will be sincerely investigated as soon as the schedule is set.”

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  1. Pero si era administrado en un hospital debió tener una orden médica las cuál debió tener una condición que lo ameritaba. El no tiene una enfermedad o condición en sus huesos una tumores o algo así leí en 2017. Esos policías dicen las cosas a medias imagino para crear sensacionalismo.

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