Yong Junhyung, HyunA’s Boyfriend, Reiterates He Was Never Part Of Jung Joon Young’s Infamous Chatroom

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Yong Junhyung has chosen to reiterate his previous statement about being part of Jung Joon Young’s Infamous Chatroom!

On June 12, he took to Instagram to write a lengthy post to fans explaining he had no connection with the chat room.

Recently, Yong Junhyung confirmed he’s dating HyunA promoting severe backlash from HyunA’s fans against her due to his association with the burning sun scandal at the time. Due to her dating news, HyunA has lost a lot of support from her longtime fans who were disappointed to hear the news.

Here is his post translated:

Hello, this is Yong Junhyung.
At that time, I was undoubtedly foolish and made a mistake.
I couldn’t rectify the wrong situation and didn’t know what the right choice was.
In the midst of overwhelming criticism and fear, I didn’t want to cause harm to the company and members, and after considering the loss I would face in a place that had meant everything to me for years,
I made the decision to withdraw.
I received a black screen and a video sent to my personal messenger without any explanation.
Until I pressed play, I didn’t know what it was or what its intention was.
I could have said, “Stop, this is wrong,” but I couldn’t be that kind of person and brushed it off as insignificant.
However, as I mentioned at that time and afterwards, I was not involved in the incident where things happened that I had never been a part of and that I didn’t want to mention.
For several years, the media and many people have accused me of being one of the individuals involved in the incident, being a member of the group chat, and consuming illegal videos…
I spoke up about the parts that were not true, but everyone, including every article, turned me into someone who had the same association as them, even though I had none.
I couldn’t bring myself to talk about the past events again, and I simply avoided them, thinking they would pass.
I didn’t have the courage to face it during this time.
Even if I get hurt and suffer, I will endure and bear it. I earnestly ask… please,
I hope that my family and loved ones, fans who care for me despite my shortcomings, and everyone else will not be hurt.
To everyone, and many journalists, I will reflect deeply on the things I couldn’t correct in the past, the foolish actions and words, and strive to become a mature person through daily efforts.
Thank you for reading this long and messy letter.
It’s ironic that we get more colds in the hot summer.
Please take care of your health and have a happy day!

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