YGX Dancer Park Hyunse Under Fire For Dancing To Newjeans’ “Hype Boy” In A Mocking Fashion, Issues Apology

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YGX Dancer Park Hyunse and his dance crew Loyal Chumps have recently come under fire for a video they posted, here is why!

YGX Dancer Park Hyunse and his dance crew Loyal Chumps recently posted a video of themselves dancing to NewJeans’ “Hype Boy.” In the video, it appears they’re dancing in a way that mocks the dance routine, many fans took offense with it and called the crew out. They captioned the video with “jjindda” (meaning loser or outcast) and a pun that combines the group name with it. The caption read, “NewJeanddas’ debut [was a] fail.”

When one fan called them out in the comments saying this isn’t funny and is offensive, the dancer replied with ‘yup.’

The video was eventually deleted but the criticism didn’t die down.

On August 25, Park Hyunse ended up issuing an apology. He said he didn’t have any intentions of mocking the group or their choreographer who is also appearing on “Street Man Fighter” as a member of Team EO-DDAE.

He added, “I filmed NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” challenge in a playful way, and when I had overly sensitive reactions in the comments, I made the thoughtless decision and responded in a way that was wrong. I am ashamed by the situation and the fact that it caused damage and hurt many people through my personal actions.”

He also clarified that by “NewJeanddas” he was referring to himself and the rest of the squad that did the challenge.

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