YG’s Management Of Its Trainees Under Scrutiny After One Of Its Most Promising Trainees Leave To Debut In Another Label

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YG Entertainment is under fire again for their management style after it was revealed that Jang Hanna had indeed left the label. Previously, reported claimed that she departed the label

The reason their management is getting backlash, again, is because of Jang Hanna’s circumstances. The promising singer appeared on a popular competition show in 2014 and was scouted by YG shortly hereafter.

She displayed charms and amazing vocals; many hoped that by joining YG she’d either debut in a girl group or as a soloist, that didn’t happen.

She’s been a part of the label for considerable number of years, some report it’s been 6 years while other report it’s been less than that, what is known is that she eventually departed to make her solo debut under a different label. She’s finally making her return to TV 6 years after what was supposed to be her ticket to debut.

Netizens criticized YG’s inability to correctly manage their trainees and debut them in a timely manner, many other well-known trainees had previously also left the label after spending considerable amount of time training to become idols,

How many years did she rot in there?

Katie Kim also left to rot for a couple of years before leading….

Wow, Yang Hyun Suk is seriously too much. He signed her then neglected her…

What do you think of netizens’ opinion? do you agree with it?

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  1. You guys always say bad things about how awful or disgusting YG is when there are also some agencies who have never debuted their trainees and not to mention somi from jyp who transferred to blacklabel, Lia from sm to jyp….see it’s all about trainee’s decision…maybe they don’t like the style of a certain agency or they think they could be better to transfer to show themselves better…cuz YG do not just debut a group because of mercy….they make you something remarkable or PROVE YOURSELF TO BECOME SOMEONE WHO HAS YG STYLE…ANYWAY, YG DO NOT FORCE THEMSELVES TO THE TRAINEES TO STAY IF THE TRAINEES DO NOT WANT TO….THEY LET THEM MAKE DECISIONS…

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