YG Songwriter Hints That Seungri Was Kicked Out Of YG Entertainment?

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In light of the recent controversies surrounding BIGBANG Seungri, he had announced his retirement from the entertainment industry as a whole back on March 11.  

In an Instagram post, he clarified it was for the sake of his members and YG that he decided to retire, he added he will be participating in the upcoming investigations to dissolve suspicions. 

Following his statement, YG Entertainment told YTN they had no knowledge of the announcement revealing Seungri had made this decision without consulting the agency. They also added the state of his contract hasn’t been decided yet, and when its all figured out, they’d let the public know.  

However, a YG Entertainment songwriter seems to disagree with his own agency statement. In a since then deleted post, a songwriter of YG’s sub-label “The Black Label” called YGM hints at the possibility that Seungri was actually kicked out from YG Entertainment. 

Various Korean news outlets caught the story as soon as the songwriter published it a story to his Instagram account. In the story, he screenshot a comment by a netizen that wrote something along the lines that Seungri is fooling everybody and has been in fact kicked out of his agency, YGM commented, 


This affirms what some netizens already believe which is that Seungri hasn’t decided to leave on his own but had, in fact, been kicked out. Netizens opinions of Seungri remain largely negative even after the announcement of his retirement 

The story cannot be seen anymore because YGM has completely deleted his Instagram account after making that comment. You can no longer even view his account. Fear not, various Korean news outlets had already captured the story and wrote about it online.  

The fact that the YG producer deleted the Instagram post without an explanation adds to the suspicions that many netizens seem to already believe. 

YG Entertainment hasn’t issued many statements since Seungri’s retirement announcement, it is unknown whether they’ll address what YGM wrote to his Instagram.  

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