YG Forced To Respond After Blinks Run Bus Ad Around YG Headquarters Demanding Better Treatment For BLACKPINK

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After months of silence despite the fandom consistently asking for answers, YG Entertainment has finally responded and it took a group effort!

A bus displaying LED display is currently running around Seoul, Mapo-gu Hapjeong-dong, where the YG Entertainment building is. The LED is running fans’ demand of better treatment for BLACKPINK members.

The fandom demanded at least 2 comebacks a year, to release the promised solo projects, allow the members to go on variety shows and let them attend end-of-the-year shows.

BLACKPINK have had their last comeback in April of 2019, the girls activities were minimal this year despite Yang Hyun Suk’s earlier promise at January 2019, Rose’s solo was up next but Jennie is the only one who released a solo and that was a year ago (in 2018).

BLINKs have been trying to get the attention of YG for the longest time, they even trended hashtags in English and Korean a couple of times demanding better treatment of BLACKPINK. Despite all their efforts, YG never responded to their demands. As a last resort, the fandom decided to pay for the bus ad to run at YG headquarters to show their demands right in front of their doors.

And it worked! Because YG has finally responded to fans’ demands. Korean and international news outlets began covering the news about the bus ad, on December 16, YG released this statement,

“YG is all ears when it comes to fans’ concerns regarding all of our artists including BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK has successfully wrapped up their world tour this year that consisted of 32 concerts in four continents and 23 cities, and they are currently on their Japanese dome tour. At the same time, they are recording several new songs in the studio.

We ask you to send BLACKPINK warm words of support, as they are working hard to prepare for their new album with goals for release in early 2020.

All of us at YG would like to express our deepest gratitude to fans for the feedback and support, and we will always do our absolute best to bring the best music YG has to offer.”

Fans have also been trending the hashtag #BLINKSDemandForBLACKPINK, they continue to share updates using that hashtag.

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What do you think of YG’s response?

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