YG Entertainment To Move Ahead With BLACKPINK Comeback Despite Ongoing Current Tension

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It seems that Yang Hyun Suk promise will be fulfilled after all.

The founder of YG Entertainment had previously shared plans for BLACKPINK comeback promising fans a release in March. However, since Seungri issues and scandals erupted, the agency has been quiet and fans feared the comeback would have to be delayed because of it.

YG Entertainment has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism due to their management of Seungri. Since the Burning Sun scandals, the agency lost $100 million, YG stock price plummeted by more than 25%.

Big investment group LMVH pulled out their 50.3 billion won investment ($48.5 million). Other investors also pulled their investments totaling the loss to 55.3 million won.

It was also reported by various Korean media outlets that investors were looking into options to sue the agency due to the incurred damages because of Seungri who has left the agency a week ago.

Despite all the controversies surrounding the agency, SPOTV News reported the group will be making their comeback at the end of March and will be filming their MV this week.

Shortly after the report was released, the agency confirmed the comeback is indeed happening in March, the MV will be filmed this week. However, they did not confirm the exact comeback date.

This marks BLACKPINK first comeback in 9 months since the smashing success of “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” They’re expected to break even more records; the song will be also produced by Teddy.

April is going to be a busy month for the group; they are set to perform at Coachella, they are also scheduled to kick start their North American tour in April as well.

BLINKs were extremely happy to learn that the girls comeback plans weren’t affected by the ongoing issues.

Are you excited?

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