YG Entertainment Confirms, Dara Is Featuring In Park Bom’s Upcoming Song, Plus Details About Her Song Revealed

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More happy news to all 2NE1 fans!

On February 15, a representative from YG Entertainment confirmed to media that Dara is featuring in Park Bom’s upcoming song.

It was also revealed that Brave Entertainment produced the track for Park Bom’s first solo releases in 8 years.

This will be her comeback after signing with D-Nation in the summer of 2018.

Brave Brothers also talked to the press about the song, he revealed that is the best song he’s ever made which excited fans even more.

He talked in details about the song in an interview with news outlet Expo News on February 15, shortly after the reports of Park Bom’s upcoming song were released.

He revealed he had been working on an album and received an offer from Park Bom’s side. He decided to take on the project because he likes her vocal tone.

He says,

“I wanted to make her a number 1 artist.”

The song will be a medium tempo R&B track.

He says its his best female track to date and says the public will be amazed by it, he said,

“Its enjoyable to listen to. When its released people will be surprise that its produced by Brave Brothers. Look forward to it, it’s a song like no other. Its also completely different from what she’s shown with 2NE1.”

Park Bom’s new release is scheduled to drop in March but the exact date is yet to be specified.

In case you didn’t know, Brave Brothers was a producer and composer for YG Entertainment from 2004 to 2008. He produced many hit tracks for groups like BIGBANG, BTOB and AOA. He also worked with solo artists such as HyunA, Hyorin and Sunmi.

How excited are you?

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My Thoughts

I kinda wished Park Bom would stray away from the YG roots to establish herself alone but I do understand why she’d be interested in working with familiar faces. It was a personal wish but its very difficult for someone with her personality and work background to just completely abandon the roots.

Its also going to be a good boost for her. 2NE1 fans are still pretty obsessed about their girls and adding Dara into the mix will bring back all the feels. It’ll help the song chart better.

I am very proud of Park Bom who went through hell simply because she needed medication for her illness. She’s come so far and still managed to get back up and sign with another label.

I want her to succeed so badly, I want her to break records with her new songs. I want her to show Korea that she can make it. She was unfairly targeted and ridiculed for something that shouldn’t have been blown way out of its size.

She was a gem that could have gone to be awesome things but her management ruined her and didn’t even attempt to revive her to see if they could do it. Its sad! But hey, karma’s there, anyone who did her wrong will pay for it!

Now we’ll see just how good D-Nation is. We want them to promote her well on shows, she should come on “Masked Singer” and all other shows that focus on vocals, she’ll do well.

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