YG Entertainment Appoints Female CEO After Yang Hyun Suk Brother Resignation

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YG Entertainment has finally unveiled their new CEO!

On June 20, the company board of directors held a meeting to appoint a CEO; they appointed Hwang Bo Kyung as the new CEO after Yang Min Suk (Yang Hyun Suk Brother) resignation.

Hwang Bo Kyung has been working for YG since 2001; she was serving as the executive director and CFO.

The new CEO says she feels a heavy responsibility and duty during these difficult times and will do her best to straighten out the basics in order for the company to rise again.

It was also revealed that a new business transformation committee will be launched at the board meeting.

Despite the announcement, netizens are not impressed, many of them believe the brothers can still control everything behind the scenes as the biggest shareholders in the company.

It was previously reported that Yang Hyun Suk owns more than 16% in stocks meaning he’s the biggest influencer and stockholder in the company he founded. Even with his resignation and his brother, netizens are not convinced they’re backing out completely.

How do you feel about this?

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My Personal Thoughts

She has been in YG for a very very long time. This decision tells me they want to keep it within themselves and can’t afford or don’t want an outsider to step in. This tells me they’re not serious about trying to help YG rise again. the right way.

I never honestly expected otherwise, I knew it was going to be someone they knew well enough. A lot of people are calling her a puppet. I feel sorry for her, she will have to work hard to prove she’s different.

As I said before, if YG continues to operate in the same manner it’ll be noticeable because little difference will be made. These moves are to sway the public and try to convince them YG is opening a new page, however, its clear netizens are not that stupid.

Personally, I am more worried about the producer that’ll take Yang Hyun Suk place, to me that will influence the artists most. Yang Hyun Suk was responsible for the trainees casting, the music part and all of that. If someone who actually has a strong character was to take over, you’d probably notice all artists come back in less time than they usually have.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

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    1. I totally agree…huge changes…start by firing all employees…if they want their jobs back they have to reapply…

      That in-house drug culture came from somewhere…and it has to be stomped out before the public can trust again… independent agency will drug test them and whatever the results, they will either be reemployed or not…turning them over for investigation, would be best because what the public wants is a clean YG and a drug free Korea…when they start turning their suppliers over and authorities start finding the Drug Kinpins in their country…they start thinking twice, three or four times about dealing to celebrities.

      I hope I’m not writing a kdrama…but it’s te only way to make it stop.

      Since they like to control their artist life…there would be no cellphones…call the manager if you need contact with the artist…until the label gets control of things in house.

      I’m writing a Drama….lol!!!

  1. I think the actors and singers who are not involved in this mess should definitely relocate to a different agency
    YG is incorrigible..The new CEO has absolutely no pwer and authority, Yang is just desperate to stop the falling stock

    1. No. I think they should stay. If not for themselves…. then for the agency that groomed them to be who they are today. I don’t think you remember when WOOLIM got taken over by SM, INFINITE was so ashamed they could not save their company, and they promised to bring it back to their former glory. Which is what they did. Now WOOLIM is standing as it’s own company again. YG did some great management back in the day. The fact that someone who was there longer has become the CEO, hopefully she can bring the company back to its roots. Still hopeful here.

  2. They say she will be a puppet is it becouse she is a girl? For me a girl tauch is much better.. And i still dont believe YG leaving is a good idea but i understand that it is the best solution now.. And besides why are are you keep on complaining that they will still have a hild on YG when in the first place he founded the company and YG is named after his name..

  3. They say she will be a puppet is it becouse she is a girl? For me a girl tauch is much better.. And i still dont believe YG leaving is a good idea but i understand that it is the best solution now.. And besides why are are you keep on complaining that they will still have a hold on YG when in the first place he founded the company and YG is named after the founder’s.

  4. Why appoint a female…do they believe that appointing a female would bring less backlash, if the company doesn’t rise again… they’ll only say look, the only ones whose can run this company are the Yang Brothers.

    If she is a stone cold bish…then that’ll be an issue too…I wouldn’t have taken that position for all the KRW in the world. She’s basically gonna have to kiss a lot of ass for the public and shareholders to be satisfied!!!

    I’m not a CEO, but all activities would be haulted for all musical artist. No debuts for anyone or comebacks for the remainder of the year. Yes, financially, it will hurt but they need to go dark and sort out their in-house issues. All music producers, choreographers, managers, drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers…would be terminated and have to reapply for their jobs, if they wanted to work at YG Ent. All those selected as possible rehired would have to be drug tested by an independent agency and not hold the company liable for the results. Semi-open auditions would be held for new song writers, producers, dancers…. those artist on the label would be sent home to their families to think about what they want…if they choose to leave YG, they will be allowed out if their contracts…but YG will not assist in finding another agency home for them…if they still owe any debts to the company, they can still leave but will be required to pay all debt owed to company within 60 months.

    It’s sounds crass….but it would be this way for a little while. There would be no extras spending…on wardrobe, travel, nothing…the purse strings would have to be tightened…even for groups like Blackpink.

    Just my thought…not that they matter.

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