TRENDING: YG Entertainment Announces Upcoming 7-Member Girl Group To Debut In January Of 2023

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YG Entertainment’s newest girl group is here!

On December 30 at 3 PM KST, the company shared a poster with the title “YG NEXT MOVEMENT” and the date January 1, 2023.

YG Entertainment confirmed in an official statement that the seven silhouettes in the poster are the members of the agency’s upcoming new girl group.

The poster includes the date January 1, 2023, sparking curiosity about YG’s new project for the upcoming year. The poster features seven black silhouettes, drawing attention to the mysterious new artists.

Although no information about the artists has been provided yet, it is speculated that YG has been preparing for a new-generation girl group project for several years. The debut of YG’s new girl group marks seven years since the debut of BLACKPINK, raising anticipation for the appeal of the new group.

The group is set to debut in January of 2023.

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