YG Entertainment And BIGBANG Removed From Seungri’s Naver Profile  

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If you view Seungri’s profile on Naver, you can no longer see the terms BIGBANG or YG Entertainment.

Seungri’s Naver profile has been adjusted and now it doesn’t show he’s a part of YG Entertainment or BIGBANG anymore. 

This comes after Seungri officially announced his retirement from the entertainment industry in a personal letter to fans. Soon after that, YG Entertainment announced his contract has been terminated.  

Since early 2019, Seungri was swept in various controversies starting with the Burning Sun club assault case that led into a police investigation. He has since then been accused of drug use, corrupt ties to the police and arranging sexual escort services to foreign investors.  

The change to his profile came on March 19, you can no longer find any information that relates back to YG Entertainment or BIGBANG. Not only that, but any links of his history as a BIGBANG member including the group’s social media accounts can no longer be seen. 

Users found they can no longer search any of YG Entertainment or BIGBANG related terms through his profile on Naver 

BIGBANG profile on Naver has also been altered; Seungri’s name has also been removed. It currently shows only four members. 

What do you think of this?  

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