YG Entertainment Shocks Fans Revealing Not All BABYMONSTER’s Introduced Members Will Debut In The Group, Why?

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YG Entertainment recently released video teaser of BABYMONSTER has stunned fans.

Recently, YG released a new video teaser Last Evaluation and during it, Yang Hyun Suk revealed that not all of the members introduced as part of the group will debut with the group. He said, “After years of thorough consideration, we’ve narrowed it down to seven very talented trainees. BABYMONSTER will never be a seven member group. It will definitely be less than seven.”

The announcement came as a shock to fans who had been under the impression that the teaser videos and performances leading up to this moment was to introduce all of the members.

Currently, Ruka, Pharita, Rora, Asa, Chiquita, Ahyeon, and Haram were introduced as potential members. The group is said to have one last evaluation to determine who will debut in the group.

Fans were not happy to hear the news and expressed their shock and disappointment by the announcement video.

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