Yeri, Jennie, Wonyoung Receive A Lot Of Hate/Backlash For No Reason?

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An article published to Pann Nate had drawn a lot of attention, the article talks about three idols who get hate on ‘extreme levels.’

The writer of the article alleges the hate the three idols receive is too harsh or without merit.

With Yeri, the writer argues that she was criticized for joining the team late and still tried to make up for being lacking by doing her best. The writer also points out the alleged poor behavior towards her unnies by Yeri and attributes it to ‘jealous kids’ The writer also talks about people starting to hate on Irene of the group as well because they couldn’t just be satisfied with attacking Yeri.

About IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung, the writer talks about people hating her because she rose to popularity fairly quickly. The writer again points out jealous people calling her entire group ‘right-wing idols.’ She was also criticized for her looks and compared to others. The writer says people are doing all sorts of things for a kid who hasn’t even become an adult yet.

As for Jennie, the writer points out that jealous people also threw hate towards her because of her beauty. The writer talks about people saying she’s not that talented and that the company only support her. The writer also talks about performances controversies and the rumors of a romantic relationship between her and Yang Hyun Suk, so many sexually demeaning and curses were thrown her way. The writer also brought up the hate she received for her dating news which was revealed on January 1st.

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

Before I go into my opinion, I’d like to stress that criticism is very different from hate, one is done because of an action deserving of a discussion while the other is just pure furry and jealousy for no apparent reason. On the broader spectra I agree with the fact that these idols receive too much hate, that’s for sure!

However, not every single comment critiquing someone’s dancing/singing/rapping/acting is done out of hate, people like to express how they feel about things and it doesn’t have to be positive all the time, that’s life and the internet…. (Shocking, I know!!!)

It’s a shame people can’t distinguish between criticism and pure hate. IU and Taeyeon should have made the list as well.

Starting with Wonyoung, I will not be comment my opinion because I don’t follow her group closely and haven’t heard any substantial issue with her. I will leave it for you guys in the comment section. But the girl is 14, give her a break!!!

Next is Yeri.

Yeri joined SM back when she was 9 or 10 years old (5th grade in elementary school), she joined RV later in 2015, they had debuted in 2014.

There are many reasons people don’t like her and I don’t dismiss all of them because I have been keeping up with her mainly because she was criticized for lack of synchronizing and when I heard it was an SM group that was out of sync I had to check it out.

For starters, SM just directed hate towards her when they added her later. We all know how SUJU fans felt about adding Henry to Super Junior and how much hate he got. So you’d think SM would think twice before adding a member later to a group…

What makes it annoying in people’s eyes (not mine) is that Yeri isn’t anything special according to some fans of RV. She isn’t particularly talented in one area whether that be singing, dancing or rapping, she does good with all of them but isn’t exceptional in any which is why people protested adding her because it added no specific value.

I don’t personally completely agree with whats written above, SM has the right to add whoever they want to their groups, but I do understand people’s argument of the fact that she added nothing specifically special to the group.

Then people (fans and spectators) started noticing that she’s out of sync. For a group from SM, one of the biggest labels in Asia, this is an embarrassment. She dances well but then suddenly showed slower dancing compared to other members.

This does not only affect her but her peers as well and it happened more than once.

So let’s say you’re a fan and you paid a lot to see RV, you expect them to perform top notch and then Yeri puts up a performance that you surely know is below her capabilities. Its only acceptable to voice your concern and critique, this doesn’t mean calling her names, cursing her out or wishing she’d leave the group but critiquing her dancing.

I haven’t seen her do it as often as the case with Jennie which I’ll talk about in a bit. Also, we have to understand that sometimes people are sick or feel down. She did improve though and I made an article about how they restored their synchronizing in their newest comeback, read it here.

Onto Jennie.

Jennie trained for 6 years before debut; fans noticed in 2018 she was dancing lazy. Someone on the internet compiled videos of her dancing in 2018 to previously and things blew up, it WAS EVERYWHERE.

The problem is some stupid haters just wanted a reason to hate on Jennie and they finally snagged a real something and took it wayyyyyyyyy too far.

The fancams collected weren’t of one or two or three events, they were of many events and on the course of 2018 which was weird to me. I haven’t seen an idol do this before, it shocked me!

If she danced badly or lazily once, twice or even three times (in different events) I wouldn’t have talked about it because she could be sick, hurt, upset and its hard to always give 100%.

However, to do it repeatedly in various events where fans pay to see you perform and stand in lines for hours only to see you miss steps or not do moves unless the camera is directly at you, we have an issue and its okay to talk about it.

YG has amazing groups and this was the first time I have seen an idol from their agency behave like Jennie did in 2018, what made it worse to BLINKs was: first of all YG blocked all videos discussing the laziness, second they never addressed it, third Jennie had carried on with that behavior for a period of time. This is why people couldn’t stop talking about it and probably never will.

Some BLINKs flat out defend her, others cursed out and wanted her out of the group and there were the rational bunch who criticized the dancing.

Jennie can be criticized for her lazy dancing but doesn’t deserve to receive hate/slandering comments about unrelated things such as her looks.

Other issues people have with Jennie (not me) is that she’s always dressed to stand out the most among her group-mates, she’s also the one who gets the most endorsement deals and the one who debuted solo first.

This is why people claim YG favors her.

Fashion is subjective, endorsements are given to her because she’s hella pretty. Regarding the solo it could be that she finished recording first or something that had to do with marketing and internal procedure in YG (a lot can be attributed to that).

I don’t agree that she should be hated for the 3 things I mentioned above but I do understand why some younger fans might feel that YG favors her.

Jennie doesn’t know how to handle the spotlight and its pressure (in my opinion/ so it seems to me) and YG Entertainment doesn’t seem to know how to contain the hate surrounding her.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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