Yang Hyun Suk Shocks Fans Announcing Plans To Debut A 13 Member Boy Group Treasure 13

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Yang Hyun Suk greeted fans on February 7 with some very shocking news, the news have shocked all fans of “YG Treasure Box.”

The head of YG Entertainment revealed that the two groups resulting from “YG Treasure Box” will debut in a group called “Treasure 13” through a long post to YG family official blog.

In the blog post he explains that the 13 members picked will debut in Treasure 13 and will also promote in separate teams which will allow the members to showcase different charms.

The second team of six members which was announced after Treasure will be called MAGNUM. he revealed that the members of BLACKPINK had already mentioned the name on broadcast and that the name was trademarked previously, fans suspected it would be the second group name.

He explained the reason he chose the name MAGNUM, it’s a term used for 1.5 liter bottle of wine, he hopes that the world will be intoxicated with their music.

As for the debut date, Yang Hyun Suk revealed that Treasure 13 debut is set sometimes between May and July of this year, after their debut Treasure and MAGNUM will promote in separate teams.

He also shared more happy news, he revealed that they’re working on their reality show which will highlight the debut process of the members, it will be called “Open the Treasure Box” and will broadcasted on V Live and YouTube.

As for the fandom name, the three groups (TREASURE 13, TREASURE, and MAGNUM) will all the share the same fandom name “Treasure Makers.”

He also answered the question of how the new group will be differentiated from the old ones at his label, he revealed that with this group he will not be pushing the idols to write their own music in order to decrease the wait time between each release.

Instead, over 30 exclusive producers from YG Entertainment and its subsidiaries will all join forces to produce music for Treasure 13.

He finished his long blog post by revealing that he will come back tomorrow with news on BLACKPINK upcoming music.

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