Yang Hyun Suk Apologizes And Explains What Happened With Seungri’s Club Controversy

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Yang Hyun Suk has released a statement addressing the recent controversy with Seungri and the club Burning Sun.

A lot has happened since MBC News reported on the case of assault back on January 28, there has been a lot of reports going around linking Seungri’s name to the club.

Initially, YG Entertainment told news outlets they would not be issuing an official statement addressing the matter, however, today on January 31, the CEO of the agency himself stepped up to explain the situation.

He wrote to YG’s official blog, here is the full translated statement:

Hello, this is Yang Hyun Suk.

The New Year’s Greetings are a bit too late. I wish you all happiness all the year round and hope you always be healthy and hope you have happy year ahead.

Unlike my personal wish to always convey good news in my last article, there were unexpected negative rumors that contrasted my wishes. First of all, I feel apologetic to all the fans who must’ve been worried.

YG control and manage all aspects of singer’s activities through exclusive contract with its singers. We have constantly revised our contracts and management systems to prevent accidents and mistakes.

We also emphasize, advise, educate, and keep an eye on things at all times to prevent disgraceful incidents in advance.

However, there is the old saying ‘bad news travels fast,’ and I think its very difficult to tell them to be careful when preparing for unfounded negative rumors that spread through the word of mouth.

Regarding the negative rumors of Seungri’s club. I wanted to find out the facts from the beginning and reply quickly, however, our artists’ operations of their own personal businesses are independent and unrelated to YG, so it was an ambiguous situation to announce an official statement, there were difficulties confirming facts.

The difficulty is that I have never gone to this club and don’t know any of the people related to it, and I didn’t have a way to ask or confirm details with anyone about the case.

The only person I could ask was Seungri and I found out he was on there on the day of the incident until 3 a.m. on November 24, the incident happened around 6 a.m.

The reason Seungri resigned as an executive director of the club was because he had to comply with the laws around military service since he’s approaching his military enlistment date in March or April.

According to Article 30 of the Framework Act on Military Status and Service, “A soldier shall not engage in any for-profit activity, other than military service, and shall not concurrently engage in other activity without permission from the Minister of National Defense.”

It was also specifically written that “A solder is prohibited from becoming a director, financial manager, general partner that takes part in the business, manager, promoter, or any other executive of a business.”

I confirmed that due to this reason Seungri was in the process of resigning not only from the club but also of all CEO and executive director positions he had to his name.

Seungri is feeling apologetic to fans who must’ve been worried due to the incident, although he was going to share his position through an apology post, I told him to hold it for a while.

This is because I decided it would be better that he shares his position after the whole story of the incident is revealed more clearly through the investigation.

Nowadays, the focus is shifting from the assault incident towards a drug investigation. To assure fans who are worried even a bit, he had recent received a strong investigation by the prosecution on the baseless groundless reports, he was investigated with a search and seizure warrant and it was revealed there were no issues. The examinations included urine and hair testing.

I feel sorry for not giving you positive New Year’s greetings and I will soon greet you with an announcement on BLACKPINK’s new music, criteria for “YG Treasure Box” selection and debut plans, plus happy news of new music from YG artists such as WINNER and iKON.

Thank you always.



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