Yang Hyun Suk Personally Explains The Real Reason Why Katie Kim Left YG Entertainment

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Following the news of “K-pop Star 4” winner Katie Kim departure, fans and spectators alike bashed YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk for promising things to wanna-be-idols and then failing them.

The recently cancelled debut of “Mix Nine” winning group didn’t do Yang Hyun Suk or YG Entertainment any good either.

Following the backlash, Yang Hyun Suk himself released a full statement through a post on YG Life to explain what really happened.

He started off by explaining the real reason why she left, he explained that she had moved into a new agency but assured that YG Entertainment would still be involved in the production and distribution of her upcoming album.

He explained that he consulted her several times after she signed for the agency, here is the full translated statement,

“Katie Kim, who was born in 1993, moved to New Jersey, USA with her family at the age of 10, and because she spent her adolescence in America until she was 21, she was more familiar with American culture and music than Korean culture.

YG Entertainment has decided to create an optimal music production environment for Katie Kim, and the music she wanted to perform.

She has worked on many songs over the past several years in the US and abroad with song producers and in song camps. And to make a successful debut, we have finished producing several music videos, including shooting in the United States.

But I have to tell you today that Katie Kim has recently moved to another new agency.

In other words, Katie Kim’s debut album was prepared by YG Entertainment, but her debut will be handled by another agency.

The reason why she transferred to another company ahead of her debut was that Katie Kim’s debut schedule was mixed with YG’s executive, who had been responsible for the entire album preparation process from the beginning and decided to go independently earlier this year.

The person in charge was dedicated to the promotion of Katie Kim.

I met Katie Kim and her staff members individually to discuss their serious concerns and counseling about what was going on for Katie Kim. The final choices and judgments were decided by Katie Kim.

In the end, Katie Kim decided to transfer to the newly established company, and YG Entertainment has decided to support Katie Kim’s upcoming debut and support Katie Kim’s music distribution

I think there will soon be a more formal announcement about Katie Kim’s debut album at the new company.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.”

How do you feel about this following YG’s explanation?

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