Yang Hyun Suk Personally Debunks Reports Claiming YG Entertainment Attempted To Destroy Evidence Related To Seungri’s Controversies  

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Yang Hyun Suk has personally responded to previous reports that claimed his agency attempted to destroy evidence related to Seungri and “Burning Sun” controversy. 

The rumors and reports started back on February 28, after cameras captured trucks that provide document shredding services, it was around the time SBS FunE also released a report that claimed Seungri offered escort services to investors by introducing them to prostitutes.  


Many netizens and outlets speculated YG Entertainment had been attempting to destroy evidence relating to Seungri and his controversies.  

On March 4, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk himself debunked those reports.  

He shared a series of many photos to his Instagram account with the caption,

“I hope this corrects misinformation.” 

In his post he explains that the document shredding services are called once every three months, it’s only a regular procedure at the agency, he added,  

“We typically notify employees 10 days ahead of time.”


He also revealed he had contacted the shredding services company to request they withhold the documents; he’s done this to prevent misinformation and correct misunderstandings. 

In the post, he shared a collection of materials to support his words such as documents that showed the process was a regular affair as well as a notice by the asset management team regarding the shredding service. 



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