Yang Hyun Suk Had This To Say To Mnet When They Asked To Censor This Part Of Mino’s New Hit

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Yang Hyun Suk shared a funny conversation with his employee and it trended in South Korea.

On December 1, Yang Hyun Suk posted a screenshot of his conversation with a staff member, in the conversation the employee lets Yang Hyun Suk know that Mnet will only broadcast Mino’s new hit track “Fiancé” if they altered a scene.

Here is the translation of the conversation:

Staff: Sir, Mnet has requested an edit for Mino’s MV “Fiance” because the scene where Mino dances with a woman was found to be too sultry. They say the only way they can play it is if that scene was to be changed.

YG: So you’re telling me, Mnet is the only one who has a problem with the MV, right?

Staff: Yes, Sir!

YG: Then please let them know respectfully that they don’t have to play it… be polite when letting them know.”

Staff: Yes, Sir!

Fans loved the screenshot and the message Yang Hyun Suk told Mnet.

Many commented things like:

“Savage father of savage children.”

“that’s why I love YG.”

“why should they have to edit it? Mino worked so hard on it!”

“I support your decision savage CEO!”

“So savage dang!”

What do you think of this?


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아낙네 뮤비가 왜 문제인지~ 이제 알았네 ~

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