Yanan Can’t Promote With Pentagon Despite Wanting To? Says Cube Hasn’t Given Him An Answer

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Seems that there is more to the story of Yanan not participating in Pentagon’s schedule than what we know already.

It all started back in August of 2018 around the time E’Dawn (now Dawn) dating news with HyunA were revealed, back then, Cube announced Yanan and Dawn indefinite hiatus from the group activities, Yanan returned to activities in November of 2018. Around July 2019, Cube announced they decided to put his health first and thus he wouldn’t be participating in Pentagon’s world tour.

About six months later, Yanan personally opened up about his absence through his Weibo account, he says he’s been ready to return for a long time but Cube hasn’t given him any answer on how to get back to work.

In his post, he tells fans that he’d like to repay them back with more joy and happiness,

“I’ve long been ready to get back. However, the company has never given me any news on when I could go back. I always ask the company but there have been no clear instructions yet.”

This made fans very upset, but they’re glad he opened up about it. Fans have since been demanding Cube to release an official statement to address Yanan’s future in Pentagon.

Read his full translated statement by a fan below:


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