X1 No Longer Has Any Promotional Activities After Mnet Abruptly Cancels Their Attendance At An Award Show

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Only one day ahead of Live awards show V HEARTBEAT, Mnet announced that X1 will no longer be attending.

Previously, Mnet assured fans that X1 will be performing at the award show despite the current tension created by the vote-rigging controversy. However, things only got worse as each day new details about the rigging controversy were revealed and the public grew more furious with the way CJ ENM has been handling the situation.

In statements released on November 15, Mnet initially announced that X1 will not be making an appearance on the red carpet but will still perform, later, Mnet stated that X1 will no longer be attending the award show or even perform.

In their official statement, they apologized for causing trouble and explained that considering public sentiment, the decision was made so that X1 will no longer be appearing on the award show that is less than a day away, the award show will take place tomorrow on November 16.

Mnet added,

“Adding to that, they currently have no additional scheduled activities.”

Their statement was followed by a statement from the award show itself, the award show asked for fans unchanged interest as many other artists have prepared amazing stages for tomorrow, they stated that CJ ENM notified them today that X1 will not participate.

This puts even more questions marks on the future of X1, there have been rumors that agencies were discussing the disbandment of X1 and IZ*ONE due to the ongoing situation but Mnet shut those down, it was also reported that the agencies will soon release a statement about the groups future.

It was also recently reported that the PD of the Produce series also partially admitted to rigging season 1 and 2 of the Produce series which makes all of the seasons rigged. Netizens have been demanding the original lineup be revealed and for the names of the agencies who had hand in the rigging to be revealed.

This will subsequently have a drastic effect on X1 and IZ*ONE future if the names get revealed. IZ*ONE comeback has also been postponed indefinitely and it is unknown if the comeback will ever happen at this rate.

What are your thoughts on this?


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  1. I dont want X1 be disbanded because like its not they’re fault it the netizens fault now you want to disband IZ*one to? OMG YOUR NOT APPROPRIATE!!!

  2. them.. I’m pretty sure 3mix and Sana (since she was about to debut to with 6mix in replacement for the member who first left) felt really bad for these guys.. they already went thru a lot too.. debuted already only to be stop and pull back because someone decided to be god and rigged the show..

  3. Netizens should stop demanding for the names of the real winners. Imagine how this will affect the members. You all need to learn to be more human. Some of them are only 15 or 16 and this could seriously affect their mental health

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