X1 Members Reportedly In Conflict Over The Future Of Their Group, CJ ENM Releases A Statement

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Its been reported that X1 members gathered for a private meeting with CJ ENM, but fans are worried!

On November 20, Korean news outlet Joy News 24 reported that X1 had a private meeting with CJ ENM on November 15, the same day it was announced that X1 won’t be participating in the 2019 V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT.

According to the report, CJ ENM asked the members about their thoughts on staying together and promoting as one group, the members shared conflicting opinions and they were unable to reach a decision.

Joy News 24 reported that CJ ENM contacted the agencies after the meeting to let them know that they will keep X1 as a team “if the members want it.”

A source from X1 side confirmed that they indeed held a meeting but didn’t elaborate on what exactly happened.

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Later, Mnet released an official statement to confirm that they held a meeting with X1,

“The meeting wasn’t held to pressure the members about future activities, and it wasn’t to decide whether or not the group will disband.”

Mnet went on to explain that regarding the decision of the group’s future, it will be determined by collecting opinions of members, their agencies and staff.

X1 has been on a hiatus for a little less than a week, it is unknown what will happen with their future as well. Netizens continue to demand the real rankings to be revealed, and fans have conflicting opinions as to what should happen to the group.

What are your thoughts on this?

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